CCTV Drain Survey

Drain Surveys for Plumbing and Drain Problems

Draintech Services can carry out CCTV Drain Surveys to find the root of plumbing and drain problems without having to dig up the drain itself. This saves time and money - especially if there is only a minor problem which can be fixed without digging up the drain. We survey drains in Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Corby, Daventry and surounding areas.

Drains can deteriorate as time goes on, and so if you do think require drain surveys, then call us straight away. Catching or preventing plumbing or drain problems early on can save a lot of money.

What Do Our CCTV Surveys Include?

  • A full written clear report with a detailed computer image of the drainage system layout and a recording on DVD format of the survey.
  • At Drain Tech we understand that not everybody has technical knowledge so we make sure that our reports are made clear and concise and are not filled with extensive technical jargon.
  • Defects/Faults will be identified and a recommendation provided on the work that should be carried out.
  • Draintech Services will also provide an estimate for any work which can include structural lining of the existing drainage system, high pressure jetting and relaying of pipes.

The CCTV Process

The CCTV Process is carried out quickly with minimal disruption to homes and businesses. A Small Robot is inserted into the drain and is either pushed or powered through the drain. Whilst travelling through the pipe, the robot provides the monitor a view of the drain, so we can pinpoint the problem and find out all the details needed to fix the problem.

The Equipment

Here at Drain Tech we carry out our CCTV surveys with the latest equipment available. We have the ability to record images onto DVD format. Our CCTV Drainage Monitor enables us to view what the Robot sees when moving through your drain.

TV unit used for cctv drain surveysrobot used for cctv drain surveysrobot in tube used for cctv drain surveys

Is This The Service I Require?

If you are suffering from blocked or clogged drains and are unsure of the problem or solution to fix it then we are sure that our drain surveys will provide you with the answers that you desire, such as drain cleaning. We will be able to pinpoint the location of the problem and provide a definite solution to solve it. We can assure that every part of your drainage system will be checked until the problem is solved and your drainage systems are fully functional again.

If you find you need anymore information on CCTV Surveys then please don't hesitate to get in touch either call us on our freephone number, located at the top of the page, or follow the link below and fill out our simple contact form and one of our dedicated team will get back to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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